Fall Prevention

It is well documented that our physical capacities are altered with age. As a result our balance is less stable which considerably increases the risk of falls associated with so many of the injuries in our senior population. The program “Fall Prevention” was established to remedy this situation.

This program is intended for any autonomous person living at home who wishes to improve their balance thus reducing the risk of falls. The program is comprised of 5 appointments. The first one involves a complete evaluation of the state of health and physical conditioning of the individual and will be conducted by a physiotherapist. The following encounters will involve a combination of education and exercise. These appointments will be spread over a period of 8 weeks. An exercise program specific to the person in question will be designed according to the strengths and limitations determined by the initial evaluation. These exercises will be executed at home and will be revised at each appointment depending on progress.

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This program will help you to prevent falling.

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