Frequently Asked Questions


What are your business hours?

In general, the clinic is open Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Each professional manages his or her own schedule. Therefore, it is preferable that you discuss your appointments with the receptionist whose role it is to coordinate these individual schedules.

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Are your professional services covered by insurance?

Medical or orthopedic services are covered by the provincial health system. There is no need, therefore, to worry about your insurance with regards to these services.

All the physiotherapists are members of the Ordre professionel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) and as such, meet the requirements of the various collective insurance plans.

Massage therapy is generally covered by collective insurance. Our massage therapist is a member of an association recognized by the vast majority of insurers.

Nutritionist consultations are not typically covered by collective insurance; however, those of a naturopath are. Although this situation is quite unacceptable we are subject to it for the present time. Fortunately, our nutritionist is also a naturopath and thus these services are generally covered by insurance.

Psychological services in Quebec are insured only for those persons carrying the title of psychologist. In spite of the fact that our psychological consultant has a doctorate and is ‘’carded” (permitting her to work with national level athletes), certain collective insurances may refuse reimbursement of these services for this reason.

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Is it possible to bill directly to the insurance companies?

Presently, direct billing exists only for dental care services. The process aimed towards the implementation of a similar system for certain medical services has begun but will not be available for several years. Despite this fact, reimbursements are generally rapid and without complication for health care services.

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Is it mandatory to have a medical referral?

While it is preferable to have on hand a medical referral to meet with the sports medicine physician, it is essential to have one for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

As for the other professionals who make up our team, Quebec law does not require a medical referral to consult with them. However, certain collective insurances require one for reimbursement purposes. You must, therefore, check with your company as to their policy.

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How many appointments per week must I come to and for how long?

Appointment management is closely linked to your specific condition. It is only after evaluation by the health professional concerned that you may establish together the treatment plan best adapted to your needs.

Rest assured that under no circumstances would you have to engage in a contract of any sort. It would be quite inadequate and immoral to apply such a policy. It is generally possible to estimate the time for rehabilitation according to your type and degree of lesion, although some people react differently than others to treatment. That being said, in three of four treatments you should notice appreciable changes in your condition./

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How long is an appointment?

According to the injury and the stage of healing, the length of an appointment may vary considerably from one person to another.

As a general rule, you can count on spending one (1) hour with the professional concerned during your first visit. Follow-up treatments vary from thirty (30) minutes to an hour depending on the case. As far as the sports medicine physician and the orthopedic surgeon go, expect a duration of 10 to 20 minutes.

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Are there parking fees?

No, parking is free at all our location.

The PHYSIO OUTAOUAIS clinics in the Gatineau and Aylmer sectors provide free parking areas.

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Will I have the same physiotherapist for the duration of my treatment?

It is our philosophy to closely track the progress of our clients. We make every effort, therefore, to have the same physiotherapist follow-through with your case. However, it could happen (as in the case of a vacation) that your physiotherapist must solicit the help of a colleague to continue your care. If this were the case, the change would be implemented in collaboration with you.

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Where are you situated exactly?

Please refer to the Contact Us page in order to know where exactly are our five locations.

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Should I apply ice or heat?

If you experience pain and the injury is quite recent, apply ice for 15 minutes. Remember that with ice, you cannot go wrong. The application of heat; however, can aggravate your symptoms.

Try ice first. If you suffer from diabetes or some other circulatory problem, you need more information. You can refer to the section ‘ ‘Ice or heat ”, under the title Education for more information.

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What are the qualifications of the physiotherapist I meet with?

Our physiotherapists have different academic and professional backgrounds but all of them are also members of the Ordre des physiotherapeutes du Québec (OPPQ), signalling they are highly qualified to offer you an excellent service. When you navigate our website it is possible to see each of our physiotherapists’ profiles under the tab “Your Physiotherapists”. There, you can see the university background, areas of expertise, interests and professional evolution of each physiotherapist; useful particularly if you are looking for a specific service or approach.

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