Walking (gait disturbance)

Walking (gait disturbance) and other musculo-skeletal problems

PhysioOutaouais offers this service for newborn to 5 year old pediatric clientele (or older if necessary) who present with a walking (gait disturbance) or musculo-skeletal problem.

What to expect from an evaluation

During an evaluation session our physiotherapists conduct a global assessment in the form of games in order to identify any difficulties and areas of need for your child.

How can we help you?

Our qualified physiotherapists will be able to guide you through the treatment process and  towards any objectives specific to your needs and those of your child. They will show you some exercises and activities to do on a daily basis. In this way your child will develop his/her strength, muscle tone, range of movement and balance. In addition, your child will improve the way in which they walk or return to their habitual functioning (for example, following immobilization in a cast).

If necessary our physiotherapists will be able to contact the treating physician/pediatrician to discuss any need for a referral to another professional to assist in attaining further goals. It is also possible for our physiotherapists to travel to the daycare setting to help the educators execute the prescribed exercises/activities properly.

Most common problems encountered:

  • You child walks with feet turned inwards (trips often)
  • Your child walks tip-toe
  • Your child walks with knees and feet turned inwards
  • Your child sits in “W” fashion
  • Your child received a diagnosis of club foot at birth
  • Your child wore a Pavlik harness (often following a baby in breech position)
  • Your child had a cast following a fracture, surgery or other condition

When will we see you?

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