Motor development

Child motor development

PhysioOutaouais offers this service for newborn to 5 year old pediatric clientele (or older if necessary) who present with a delay in global development; whether they were born full-term or prematurely, with or without a known syndrome.

What to expect from an evaluation

During an evaluation session our physiotherapists conduct a global assessment in the form of games in order to identify any difficulties and areas of need. They can also evaluate the severity of the developmental delay by using standardized measures.

How can we help you?

Our qualified physiotherapists will be able to guide you through the treatment process and towards any objectives specific to your needs and those of your child. They will show you exercises and daily activities that will ensure that your child will develop their motor skills in a symmetrical fashion.
If necessary our physiotherapists will be able to contact the treating physician/pediatrician to discuss any need for a referral to the rehabilitation centre. It is also possible for our physiotherapists to travel to the daycare setting to help the educators execute the prescribed exercises/activities properly.

Most common problems encountered

  • Your child does not tolerate staying on their stomach
  • Your child does not yet roll from their back to their stomach
  • Your child does not remain sitting on their own
  • Your child does not yet crawl
  • Your child does not yet move on all fours
  • Your child moves on the ground on his/her bottom or using 3 limbs
  • Your child does not know how to change positions (from sitting to all fours, sitting to standing, standing to sitting etc.)
  • Your child does not climb onto furniture
  • Your child does not walk independently

When will we see you?

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