What is telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation (Telerehab) is a consultation with a rehabilitation professional using various types of communication technology. It is an innovative, secure and efficient way to gain access to our service from the comfort of your home. A professional from our team will be able to:

  • evaluate your condition;
  • explain details of this condition and reason for your pain or discomfort;
  • propose an appropriate treatment plan comprised of methods of pain management and various exercises;
  • evaluate your positioning/posture during activities at home or at work; and
  • communicate with your physician in order to collaborate on an optimal treatment plan for your condition

How does telerehab work?

Regardless of your level of comfort with new technologies you will find that it is very simple to participate in Telerehabilitation with us.

  1. Make an appointment on-line (place hyperlink to request form here) or call us at (phone number).
  2. You will receive a callback or email with the instructions you need to get started. We use a platform which enlists digital collaboration thereby ensuring the security of user data.
  3. At the time of your appointment, your treating professional will communicate with you via the application.


What condition can be treated via telerehab?

  • Work related injuries (CNESST, WSIB);
  • Road accidents (SAAQ);
  • Evaluation of your physical condition to determine whether a doctor consultation is required;
  • Musculoskeletal pain; joint stiffness; lack of strength, difficulty with balance;
  • Home based exercise program
  • Follow-up for a known condition


Emergency clinic

If you have an urgent condition it is possible to meet with a professional in-clinic as long as you meet one of the admission criteria*. For more information, call the clinic closest to you.


  • intense pain stopping your activities,
  • swelling in the arms or legs,
  • condition resulting from an accident or fall in the last few days;
  • rehabilitation following a recent surgery;
  • if you are referred directly by the CNESST, the SAAQ or WSIB.

When will we see you?

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