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Mélodie Collard
Tennis player

Karine Thomas
Synchronized swimmer

Daniel Brière
Hockey Player

Chloé and Justine Dufour Lapointe and Jennifer Heil
Ski acrobatique

Jean-Gabriel Pageau
Hockey Player

Camille Bérubé

Nicholas Hoag
Volleyball player

Robbi Wilson & Lyne Bessette

Alain Vigneault
Hockey coach

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Oui, nous sommes des physiothérapeutes d’expérience.

Mais nous sommes aussi entourés de massothérapeutes, médecins du sport, nutritionnistes, etc. afin d’offrir une gamme complète de services pour votre santé.

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Founded in 1993, our business offers a range of services in physiotherapy; but also in several related disciplines: sport medicine, massage therapy, nutrition and others. Our approach based on patient education, reflects our desire to contribute to the health and well-being of our community.

Are you suffering or have had an accident or injury? Do you wish to safely improve your fitness level or are looking for professional guidance in your high level sporting pursuits? We are motivated to help you and to contribute to the achievement of your goals!

Without any hesitation I’d recommend this Physiotherapy Clinic to everyone. From the office personnel to the physiotherapists they are most definitely professional and caring. I felt very confident in the way I was treated for my two capsulitis. Plus, they also have access to specialists that can help with difficult issues. Seriously the best clinic of its kind in the region!

- Josée Arsenault

The Physio Outaouais (Pont Alonzo) team is simply exceptional. They are professionals through and through and are dedicated to their clients. In a safe and friendly environment, they always ensure the best possible health outcome given the particular situation. We have been served brilliantly by them for several years now and would recommend these highly qualified individuals to anyone.

- Marguerite Bouwhuis & Daniel Potvin

My family and I have been seeing the professionals at Physio Outaouais for over 25 years now. Over the years they have provided us with high quality physiotherapy. They have been great at setting us up with excellent rehab programs as well as keeping us motivated to do our exercises.

- Pierre Hamel

The PhysioOutaouais team is a very professional team. Made up of caring and dedicated people who have our health and well-being at heart. Following a major injury to the shoulder cuff, I received all the treatment required for my rehabilitation at their clinic. I have now regained full use of my arm. An exceptional team that deserves our full trust. PhysioOutaouais, the physiotherapy clinic of choice in the Outaouais!

- Stéphane Cholette

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