Bike Fitting

Why bike fitting?

For adjustments and positioning based on your personal morphology, your cycling style, your limitations and your strengths. We aim to maximize your comfort while facilitating power and safe, efficient biomechanics. Cyclists of all levels can benefit from instruction on proper positioning to prevent injuries and avoid any previous problems related to cycling practice that may reappear upon a return to training activity.

Positioning sessions

  • A subjective evaluation to determine the type of cyclist you are and what goals you are aiming for.
  • An objective evaluation (biometric measures of mobility and flexibility)
  • An evaluation of current positioning and pedaling style.
  • Adjustments are made (bicycle, footwear,…) to optimize positioning.
  • The basic parameters of your new positioning are given to you. These parameters are transferrable to any new bicycle of the same type. Recommendations are also provided for any new accessories (if necessary) such as; handlebars, crank length, etc.
  • Positioning assessment is offered for road bike, triathlon/speed bikes and mountain bikes.
  • Advice and exercises will be recommended as needed.

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