Jaw problem

What is a jaw problem?

The temporo-mandibular joint is situated where the lower jaw attaches to the skull. There is a cushioning disk between these two parts which facilitates the opening and closing of the jaw. A problem occurs when there is pain or a functional complication with either of these parts. Such issues are often related to structural problems, congenital troubles or arthrosis.

What are the most common symptoms?

  • Jaw aches or headaches
  • Facial pain describes as an “electrical shock”
  • Difficulty chewing, yawning or closing teeth
  • Cracking and/or blocking of the jaw

Treatment of a jaw problem

Several treatments are possible and available at PhysioOutaouais where our professionals will be pleased to help you and to adapt their care to your situation. With regards to jaw problems we may use intramuscular stimulation or nutritional therapy depending upon the severity of the problem.

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