Torticollis and plagiocephaly

What is torticollis and plagiocephaly

PhysioOutaouais offers this service for newborn to 5 year old pediatric clientele (or older if necessary) who present with a torticollis and/or plagiocephaly whether they were born full-term or prematurely.

What to expect from an evaluation

During an evaluation session our physiotherapists conduct a global assessment, according to the age of the child, to identify any difficulties and areas of need. They can also evaluate the severity of the torticollis and / or plagiocephaly by using standardized measures. Likewise they can also  determine the impact upon the motor development of your child.

How can we help you?

Our qualified physiotherapists will be able to guide you through the treatment process and  towards any objectives specific to your needs and those of your child. They will give you exercises and stretches to execute as well as multiple positioning options to improve the torticollis and/or plagiocephaly.

If necessary our physiotherapists will be able to contact the treating physician/pediatrician to discuss any need for a cranial orthosis. They may also advise you on the use of certain types of cushions (triangle, butterfly) designed to improve the condition of your child.

Most common problems encountered

  • Your child keeps their head turned to one side
  • Your child prefers one side and keeps their head turned more often to this side
  • Your child’s head is flattened on the back or on one side
  • Your child has one eye more closed or another facial asymmetry

When will we see you?

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