What is Arthrosis?

Arthrosis in an affected joint causes degeneration of cartilage and bone.  Arthrosis is characterized by loss of the smooth, supple surface of cartilage and the appearance of bony outgrowth thus limiting fluidity of movement and causing pain, sometimes intense.

What are the most common signs and symptoms of arthrosis?

  • Pain, stiffness and joint swelling
  • Reduction in amplitude of movement
  • Increase in pain during effort and decrease during rest

What causes arthrosis?

Arthrosis occurs when a joint is subjected to long term load resulting in deterioration of the cartilage. The joints most affected are knees, hips, hands and lower (lumbar) spine. Arthrosis was previously described as degenerative arthritis; but recent studies show that the problem originates from the body’s  incapacity to repair damaged articular tissues.

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At PhysioOutaouais, professionals have the ability to ease the signs and symptoms caused by arthrosis allowing you to live and perform your activities with the least possible amount of limitations.

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Remember that the majority of people with arthrosis are able to lead an active life.

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