Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke?

We often think that a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is a heart attack but in reality they are two distinct phenomena. A heart attack occurs when there is a disruption in the blood flow to the heart. The CVA occurs when the blood flow to the brain encounters an obstacle like a clot. More than 50% of people who have a stroke have side effects that affect their quality of life.

Symptoms following a stroke

Experiencing a stroke is a shock as much for the victim as for his/her entourage. It is possible that from one day to the next certain skills are lost. We often observe a decrease of mobility, difficulty with balance, cognitive loss or a partial paralysis. In all cases, this can generate much distress. Fortunately, studies show that early intervention greatly enables the long term return of affected functions.

Benefits of physiotherapy post CVA

Studies demonstrate that patients who receive rehabilitative care following a stroke reduce their chances of relapse and improve their degree of autonomy. We have a specialized team in Post CVA Rehabilitation. Your therapist will first evaluate the totality of functions affected and will propose an action plan adapted to your situation.

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