What is a contusion?

A contusion is an injury caused by an impact, trauma or a fall. They are often called “bruises”. Depending on the severity, different interventions are possible. Contusions can affect muscles or bones.

What are the most common signs and symptoms?

  • localized pain at the site of the impact
  • swelling and bruising at the site of the impact
  • hematoma
  • pain upon weight-bearing (if the contusion is on a lower limb)

What are the causes of a contusion?

Impact, falls or other traumas are the primary causes of contusions. People who practice contact sports are predisposed to contusions, as are elderly people who are at higher risk of falling.

Physiotherapists are there for you!

In the case of severe contusions the professionals at PhysioOutaouais will be able to help your healing process by advising you and providing treatment to optimize tissue repair.

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