Fine motor skills

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The occupational therapist uses different evaluations (objective and subjective) to better understand the nature of the occupational difficulties of the child while taking into consideration their abilities, the environment in which the task is carried out and the requirements of the activity itself. Following this analysis, the occupational therapist may work directly with the child and/or provide recommendations to the parents or other involved adults to promote their functional ability.

What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are defined by the group of components that allow us to use our hands to execute a task. Although these skills are particularly important at the daycare or at school, they are also important for many daily activities such as eating with utensils or doing up a zipper.

Most common problems encountered

  • Your child has difficulty picking up small objects
  • Your child has difficulty fitting objects into spaces
  • Your child has difficulty colouring and correctly holding a pencil
  • Your child has difficulty cutting in a straight line or cutting out shapes

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