Physiotherapy services

Treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal problems (orthopaedic)

  • Lombalgie
  • Douleur au cou et au dos
  • Genou
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Lumbar pain
  • Headaches
  • Herniated disk
  • Neural compression
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Post-fracture
  • Sprain
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Capsulitis
  • Contusion
  • Elongation
  • Other

 Breast congestion

During the breastfeeding period, it is common for women to suffer from breast engorgement and mammary canal blockage.

Physiotherapy treatments are very effective for this problem. Although these treatments are relatively easy to perform, not all physiotherapists are able to offer this service.


Mammary channel congestion

Temporomandibular Dysfunction

 Temporomandibular Dysfunction

The principal articulation of the jaw is often perceived as being very different from other articulations in the body. Essentially, it is an synovial condyle articulation similar to the one that is located in the knee.

In fact we could say that each articulation in the body has its specific role. A select few of our physiotherapists feel comfortable with the treatment of temporomandibular joint injuries.

Athletic Assessment

A proper postural evaluation and a general musculo-skeletal evaluation by a qualified physiotherapist can be quite useful in detecting structural anomalies or muscular weaknesses which can harm performance and pose a risk of injury for the athlete.

Many of our physiotherapists at PHYSIOOUTAOUAIS have developed the capacity to efficiently detect certain abnormalities or deficiencies that are easily correctable with the help of simple exercises.


Athletic Assessment

Running Assessment

The Running Clinic

 Running Assessment

Injuries related to running are unfortunately very frequent. Before you decide to buy proper footwear the analysis of your running gait and the correction of your technique is crucial.

Several of our physiotherapists at PHYSIOOUTAOUAIS have taken specific training that permits a proper evaluation of your situation. In each of our clinics a treadmill is available that permits the physiotherapist to observe and evaluate your running technique.

Exercise for pregnant women

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience pain in the back, shoulders or other areas. It is often believed that these discomforts are simply a normal part of the process.

We firmly believe that the temporarily modified body mechanics of a pregnant woman can incite back problems amongst other discomforts, however; it is entirely possible and even desirable to modify certain habits of movement and to prescribe specific exercises in order to minimize these problems. Several of our physiotherapists have obtained specific training that allows them to properly and safely intervene with pregnancy related problems.

Exercise for pregnant women

Assessment of cycling position

 Bike Fitting


For adjustments and positioning based on your personal morphology, your cycling style, your limitations and your strengths. We aim to maximize your comfort while facilitating power and safe, efficient biomechanics. Cyclists of all levels can benefit from instruction on proper positioning to prevent injuries and avoid any previous problems related to cycling practice that may reappear upon a return to training activity.


  • A subjective evaluation to determine the type of cyclist you are and what goals you are aiming for.
  • An objective evaluation (biometric measures of mobility and flexibility)
  • An evaluation of current positioning and pedaling style.
  • Adjustments are made (bicycle, footwear,…) to optimize positioning.
  • The basic parameters of your new positioning are given to you. These parameters are transferrable to any new bicycle of the same type. Recommendations are also provided for any new accessories (if necessary) such as; handlebars, crank length, etc.
  • Positioning assessment is offered for road bike, triathlon/speed bikes and mountain bikes.
  • Advice and exercises will be recommended as needed.



 Vestibular rehabilitation

In spite of the fact that dizziness is typically a secondary result of many root causes, a relatively high percentage of cases (approx. 45% of people reporting dizzy spells) are linked to a vestibular dysfunction (ie. biomechanical problems, infections of an auditory nature, labyrinthitis or whiplash…)

Vestibular Rehabilitation involves the evaluation and treatment of symptoms related to the peripheral vestibular pathology (unilateral or bilateral vestibular injuries). The treatment consists of a manual therapy approach and the development of a routine of exercises; visual adaptation exercises as well as re-habituation of movement and postural stability.

Vestibular rehabilitation

Perineal re-education

 Perineal re-education (urinary incontinence)

Many women suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their life (post-partum, post-surgery, menopause). A re-education of the pelvic wall, the set of muscles that controls retention, is necessary. A limited number of physiotherapists have necessary training to offer this service; we are fortunate to be able to provide this treatment in our Hull and Aylmer locations.

Home Visits

Although this service is under-utilized, PHYSIOOUTAOUAIS continues to offer it because it represents an important need for some individuals.

The majority of the people who require this service can, after a few sessions of treatment at home, move to the clinical location thereby gaining access to our wide selection of equipment and a more optimal rehabilitative environment.

Home Visits



For newborns, certain conditions are best addressed rapidly in order to facilitate normal child development. Early intervention will optimize the effects of the newborn specific treatment plan.

PhysioOutaouais offers the service of Pediatric Rehabilitation with regards to basic problems of motor development, congenital torticollis as well as plagiocephaly in both full-term or prematurely born infants. Certain physiotherapists are qualified to accompany and guide you during the treatment of your infant.

 Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s Disease

Do you or one of your loved ones suffer from Parkinson’s Disease?

PHYSIOOUTAOUAIS has the only physiotherapist in Outaouais certified in LSVT BIG, she will be able to assist you in taking charge of your mobility, your strength and your endurance. Using a dynamic approach based on exercises targetting functional mobility, you will notice changes quickly. The results will mean a vastly improved quality of life.


Rééducation posturale globale

 Global Postural Rehabilitation

Global Postural Rehabilitation is a method in physiotherapy that treats the body as a coherent whole. This specialized global approach aims at treating postural problems, neck, back and headache pain and other repetitive and persistant discomforts including certain respiratory issues. RPG as it is known, is also a method of choice to treat scoliosis.

The goal of the treatment, adapted to your situation, is to diminish compression felt in joints, ease related tensions and re-balance musculature all the while moving towards the cause of the symptoms and gradually correcting muscular discomforts and stiffness. To accomplish these goals the physiotherapist evaluates various daily postures and observes the reaction of the body in these different positions.

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