Did you know…?

Taking anti-inflammatory medication has no significant side effects

Long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs may cause increased risk of cardiovascular disease, various gastro-intestinal problems and even diminish the strength of ligament, tendon and bone tissues following an injury. It is, therefore, important to follow the recommendations of your physician or pharmacist. Never use anti-inflammatory medication as a preventative measure. The use of ibuprofen based medications such as “Advil” to prevent injury prior to physical activity is NOT recommended.

Your diet can play a role in your level of inflammation

Several studies demonstrate that dietary changes can offer a measure of relief to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Research suggests that a large consumption of meat (protein) combined with very little fruit and vegetables increases the risk of development of inflammatory diseases. Thus, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is not only good for your waistline, it could also diminish the chance of suffering from an inflammatory disease. Think about it!

Ultra-cushioned running shoes can result in the development of poor habits in running technique

Cushioned running shoes are intended to act as shock absorbers during running in order to diminish the impact on our joints. The problem is that they do this too well, causing us to strike with the heel on impact. This type of technique provokes a variety of lower leg injuries. So, don’t throw away your cushioned running shoes, just make sure that your running step lands on the front of the foot rather than on the heel.

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